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Salem College

Salem College is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with a student population of 1,100. They are the thirteenth oldest college in the U.S., and oldest women’s college. Salem Academy has a four-year undergraduate program for women, with science programs being one of their most popular

Notre Dame of Maryland University

Notre Dame of Maryland University was founded in 1895 and was the first Catholic college for women in the United States to award the four-year baccalaureate degree. The university has almost 2,300 students, with the majority being graduate students or working professionals seeking to grow

Mount St. Mary’s University

Mount Saint Mary’s University is a Catholic university, emphasizing a message of compassion from its students towards loving neighbors without discrimination. Leaders and educators of the university emphasizes the balance of both creative pursuits and scientific inquiry. They are also a women’s college and a

Meredith College

Meredith College was chartered in 1891 as a women’s college in Raleigh, North Carolina. The college has outlasted the Civil War, and are committed to innovative and fresh perspectives. It is one of the largest women’s private women’s colleges in the Southeast. Meredith College was

Hollins University

Hollins University aims at honing the skills needed for their students to become the leaders of tomorrow. Their campus sits on 475 acres of land, and their Wyndham Robertson Library was designated Virginia’s first National Literary Landmark. Independent learning is an integral part of their

Mary Baldwin College

The women’s liberal arts college is located in the “Queen City,” otherwise known as Staunton, Virginia. Founded in 1842, Mary Baldwin University instills the pursuit of a meaningful life in its students by emphasizing high ethical standards among its students. Mary Baldwin University has just

Columbia College

Columbia College was founded in 1854, where it closed between 1863-1873 during the Civil War. Today it has a population of 1,200 students. Columbia College emphasizes service, social justice, and leadership development within its liberal arts curriculum.

Cedar Crest College

Cedar Crest College is a women’s liberal arts college with a population of 1,600 students. Cedar Crest College also recognizes that not students can follow a traditional path to higher education and provides a wealth of opportunities for non-traditional students or those looking for career

Brenau University

Brenau University was founded in 1878 in Gainesville, Georgia. The name is a mix of the German word “brennen,” meaning “to burn” and the chemical symbol for gold, “Au.” Their education model, called the Brenau Model, aims to promote education that expands worldviews, focuses on

Bay Path College

Bay Path College has a historic reputation of producing excellent business leadership. Today, Bay Path College holds a reputation for providing flexible, quality learning for its students and a wider global audience. Today, it ranks 6th as having the best online Organizational Leadership program, and