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The Changing Utilities Workforce

Attract and Retain the Next Generation of Diverse Workers

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National Data

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Guide to Minority Serving Institutions

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Commission Diversity Toolkit

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The Toolkit is a free resource that shares best practices and other tools, data, and guides to help companies, regulatory agencies, suppliers, and individuals advance their Diversity & Inclusion efforts, enhance their recruiting options and success, and add to their knowledge of the lay of the land in Diversity &  Inclusion in the utilities and communications industries.

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Diversity Tools

The Life Cycle of Diversity provides a clearer picture of the distinct and interconnected components of workforce diversity,.  Each component is an important aspect of the overall diversity journey of an enterprise and its team members.

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National Workforce Diversity Data

Explore the national utilities and communications industry by job function and demographics, national and state by state, with our Workforce Diversity Data Dashboard.

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Guide to Minority Serving Institutions

Minority Serving Institutions are tremendous current and future resources for recruiting talented, brilliant, and dedicated individuals for full-time employment and internships.  This Guide will help you identify colleges and universities by geography and major field of study, and provide information on how to recruit there.

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Supplier Diversity Toolkit





Corporate Board of Directors and Diversity

What should a Corporate Director know about diversity?

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Regulatory Commissions and Diversity

What should a Commissioner know about diversity?

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