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Bronx Community College, CUNY

Bronx Community College, CUNY

The college was established in 1957. The Bronx Community College provides an idyllic academic backdrop for students to pursue higher knowledge and truth. The Bronx Community College is a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, with over 50% of its student population identifies as Hispanic or Latino/a.

Austin Community College District

Austin Community College District

Austin Community College has eleven campuses across Central Texas, aiming to provide accessibility to quality education and instill integrity, responsibility, and care in their students. They are a designated Hispanic Serving Institution.

Stone Child College

Stone Child College was established in 1984, out of a direct need to preserve the cultural identify Chippewa Cree Tribe people through vocational and professional development. The college prepares its students for further education, and to become the community leaders of the future.

Sinte Gleska University

Sinte Gleska University is a tribal college established in 1971, with about 800 students enrolled today. Through partnerships with other tribal colleges, they are able to offer quality academic programs up to the graduate level.

Salish Kootenai College

Salish Kootenai College was established as an institution dedicated to serving Native American tribes throughout the United States. Today, about 800 students are enrolled, with almost 40% Confederated Salish & Kootenai represented within the student population. 69% are first generation students.

Navajo Technical University

The Navajo Technical University serves students seeking a variety of levels of education or vocation. The school’s mission is to act as a catalyst for learning and community building for its students.

Ilisagvik College

Ilisagvik College is a tribal college that provides quality academic, vocational and technical education that upholds Inupiat culture, language, values and traditions. Its students develop the tools needed to meet the needs of its local North Slope employers and the state of Alaska.

Diné College

Diné College was the first tribally controlled and accredited tribal college in the United States. The college, which opened in 1968, was a strategy by the Navajo Nation to encourage their students to serve the world and their society at large. The college serves residents