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San Antonio College, Alamo College District

San Antonio College was founded in 1925 and is a part of the Alamo College District. Students that graduate from San Antonio College uplift and bring up not only themselves as individuals, but their communities as well.

Palomar College

Palomar College is a public Hispanic Serving Institution located in San Marcos, California. Today, Palomar College serves approximately 30,000 students.

Palo Alto College, Alamo College District

Palo Alto College is a part of the Alamo College District. Palo Alto College is a student-centered institution, and an environment that fosters an open spirit for their students to engage with a diverse group of people respectfully.

Oxnard College, Ventura County Community College District

Oxnard College is a Hispanic Serving Institution and is part of the Ventura Community College District. It was established in 1975. Oxnard College prides itself on educational programs meant to deepen human relationships, enhance an individual’s ability, and in turn, better their communities at large.

Northern New Mexico College

Northern New Mexico College is a community college serving the rural communities of New Mexico since 1977. Around 1,000 students are in attendance at this community college serving all academic levels. The school is a designated Hispanic Serving Institution, with over 50% of their students

Northern Arizona University-Yuma Branch Campus

North Arizona University is a Hispanic Serving Institution established in 1899. North Arizona University has a multitude of campuses across Arizona, partnerships with community colleges, and online courses that provide education for students from all walks of life and academic goals.