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Wilbur Wright College, City Colleges of Chicago

Recognized as one of the top 150 community colleges in the nation by the Aspen Institute, Wilbur Wright College is a dynamic institution with a rich history and community, focused on student learning and completion.  Serving more than 23,000 students annually, Wright College grants certificates and associate degrees,

University of California, Santa Cruz

University of California, Santa Cruz is part of the University of California (UC) system, as well as a Hispanic Serving Institution. The university was established in 1965, and also has a reputation for its focus on research much like the other UC’s.

South Florida State College

SFSC is advancing the community and the lives of its residents through education each and every day, with an expanded, four campus reach, 400+ caring and engaged faculty and staff members and a thriving student body. When SFSC’s first classes began on August 21, 1966,

Scottsdale Community College, Maricopa Community College

Scottsdale Community College is a Hispanic Serving Institution and is part of the Maricopa Community College District of Arizona, one of the oldest in Arizona. Scottsdale Community College serves approximately 10,000 students annually. Its Indigenous Scholars Institute, is a support program for its Native American

San Antonio College, Alamo College District

San Antonio College was founded in 1925 and is a part of the Alamo College District. Students that graduate from San Antonio College uplift and bring up not only themselves as individuals, but their communities as well.

Palo Alto College, Alamo College District

Palo Alto College is a part of the Alamo College District. Palo Alto College is a student-centered institution, and an environment that fosters an open spirit for their students to engage with a diverse group of people respectfully.