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South Texas College

South Texas College was founded in 1993 and is a public institution serving over 30,000 students. It is also a recognized Hispanic Serving Institution. It is the only community college in Texas that offers bachelor degrees as well

Donnelly College

The vision of Donnelly College is to advance the common good by being the most accessible and transformative Catholic College in the country. Donnelly College began in 1949 with a bold vision: to create a Catholic college with a special focus on expanding access to

Morris Brown College

Founded in 1881, Morris Brown College has a student body of over 200. Morris Brown prides itself in diversity, and higher education. The college strives to provide a personal learning experience to prepare each of their students for the future.

Columbia College

Columbia College was founded in 1854, where it closed between 1863-1873 during the Civil War. Today it has a population of 1,200 students. Columbia College emphasizes service, social justice, and leadership development within its liberal arts curriculum.