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Texas College

Texas College is an accredited historically black four-year college located in Tyler, Texas

General Information
2404 North Grand Avenue Tyler, TX 75702
P: (903) 593-8311 ext 4027
Isaac Williams, Dean of Student Services
(903) 593-8311 ext 4027

About Texas College

Established in 1894, Texas College has almost 1,000 students enrolled. Texas College offers bachelor’s degree programs in biology, business administration, criminal justice, computer science, English, interdisciplinary studies, mathematics, music, liberal studies, religion, social work and sociology. The college’s mission is to ensure that the student body experiences balanced intellectual, psychological, social and spiritual development, aimed at enabling them to become active productive members of society where they live and work.

Areas of study

Undergraduate Areas of Study: Business, Computer Science and Data Management

Career center

Cindy Johnson, Office of Academic Affaris, Academic Affairs Assistant
P: (903) 593-8311 ext 4027