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Esperanza College of Eastern University

ethics within their students that bring up not only the individual, but their community as well.

General Information
4261 N. 5th Street Philadelphia, PA 19140
P: 215.324.0746 Ext.419
Dr. Gladys Ramirez-Wrease, Associate Dean for Academic and Student Success, Director, General Education
215.324.0746 Ext.419

About Esperanza College of Eastern University

Esperanza College of Eastern University is a Christian university established in 2000. Its history and origins are heavily entwined with the local Hispanic community, and within their mission statement focuses on providing access to quality education to Hispanic students.

Areas of study

Undergraduate Areas of Study: Accounting, Business

Career center

Director, Student Success Hub / Student Success SpecialistExt.416
P: 215.324.0746 Ext.419