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Adams State University

ASU's mission is to educate, serve, and inspire our diverse populations in the pursuit of their lifelong dreams and ambitions.

General Information
208 Edgemont Blvd. Alamosa, CO 81101
P: 719-587-7632
Morgan DoksonDirector

About Adams State University

Billy Adams, a Colorado legislator who would later become governor, worked for three decades before obtaining the authorization to found Adams State Normal School in 1921. His goal was to educate teachers for remote, rural areas, such as the San Luis Valley. Our excellent academic programs guide students on the right path to a successful career. Adams State focuses on student experience and student outcomes. That focus has led us to the highest job placement rates of any institution our size in Colorado and the nation. Not only are our students getting jobs, but many of them are thriving in a rewarding career.

Areas of study

Undergraduate Areas of Study: Agriculture and Agribusiness, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science and Data Management, Earth Science, Marketing Communications, Mathematics

Graduate Areas of Study: Business Administration

Career center

Katherine Lewis, Assistant Director
P: 719-587-7632